My First Post

I hope this, my first post, won’t be my last. This blogging thing is all the rage, but there are millions of bloggers out there, talking into nothingness. Yet the Internet provides us with a magnificent (and free!) opportunity to say what we think, and to cast our thoughts out into the ether, to be heard or not as the whims of the crowd dictate. I have no clue about the immortality of the current iteration of the web. People claim everything is immortal now, but if another version of the Internet supersedes this one, probably whatever content is here will slowly become untraveled. Just as it is still possible to use old floppy disks if one has a plug-in disk drive, but who wants to bother?

I’m going to use this blog to test my sense of design, too. I’ll be experimenting. Eventually, I might have something to say that would be of interest to others.

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